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Github thinks I am a robot

Github thinks I am a robot

So I was working on some Java (As you do) and shared a class on github’s gist service (basically an overglorified pastebin) with a friend, my 2nd time using it. Switched over to github to commit some code (this blog is also hosted on github and was unavailable) and see a message about account being put on hold.

A little bit of googling and I figured out it some sort of an automated system at work autolocking accounts. While I was at it I ended up looking around and found gitlab which seems to offer even more features than github.

Needless to say I got a little unhappy about the service interruption and emailed their customer support pointing out that I am very much human :). To their credit they got back to me quickly with this appology within an hour:

Hi Fidel,

Sorry for the trouble. The robots have been known to be wrong once in a while. We’ve cleared your account so everything should be back to normal.

Your fellow human, redacted name